Do you ever dream to have a car which can be used to fly? Well, it is surely feel like a dream when you can fly with your car. You will never get bored since you can always calm your mind with riding your car and go somewhere. You can go to everywhere and will not bother about the traffic jam since you will not meet one. That really sound like a dreamy car which every people want, well even though it will not be a dream only anymore since now you can get flying car if you have enough money.

A car manufacturer from Slovakia was started the research about a car which can fly since 1990. The research keep being developed until now by the car manufacturer which established by Jurai Vaculik and Stefan Klein Mobil finally can make car which can be on the road and also can fly after get enough space around twice as wide as football field. The car can fly after spread the wings, so it looks truly like flying car. The car was showed in the pioneers’ festival in Wina, Austria which designed beautiful for two seats only with amazing interior. You don’t have to worry about the fuel since the car using gasoline which can be easily got.

According to Vaculik as the founder of aeromobil said the car need underlayment for about twice as big as soccer field. The flying car can run up to 130 km per hour and can fly up to 700 km faster than ordinary car. This is surely modern car which makes people dream who want to fly become come true. So, when you want to feel free to go wherever you want without have to get stuck in the traffic jam then this car surely will be the best thing for you.

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