Who is not familiar with the Pokemon game? This game is one of the legendary game that is popular around the world. This game comes from Japan and has had a historic reputation in the gaming world. Of every game being launched, whether it is from the series Gameboy, Gameboy advanced, NDS, until now, the famous Pokemon unique characteristics where we can gather and collect Pokemon. Pokemon also has the complete anime series, which still survive to this day and has produced many episodes. With the success and record achieved by this game, not long ago, developers have announced the release of Pokemon Go in several countries. This game was released on July 6 in the region of Australia and New Zealand, as well as on 7 July in the US.

Many gamers are waiting for the release of Pokemon Go, but unfortunately, there are some problems. The problem is that the popularity of this game more than he had expected and exceed the expectations of developers. Even before the game was released, fans have been waiting for this game attendance and was ready to download this game after it is released. From this, we can imagine how this game is very popular around the world. Then where lies the problem? Due to the popularity of this game exceeds expectations, making the developer and manager of a little shocked and could result in some technical problems. This technical problem resulted in a game that has been awaited to be postponed to be released in several countries. What is the technical problem? The existing technical problem is the occurrence of excessive load on the server because it is not strong to accommodate the many people who want to download this game.

Pokemon Go released and can be played for free, which at this time, this game released on two platforms are iOS and Android. Because the hopes and expectations of the fans were very positive, making this game popular in excess of that predicted. As a result, this long-awaited game had to be postponed to be released.

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