mspyMSPY is a one-of-a-kind mobile phone tracking tool that is power-packed with fantastic features to help you get the information you want. So, whether you want to monitor your employee to protect your business or keep a track of your kids’ activities, this powerful and easy-to-use program helps you track mobile phones, tablets, and iPad, with every report that you want. What more!! Using this program is 100% safe. And you don’t have to worry about getting identified. MSPY keeps your identity completely undetected. The other person will never know that their phones are being tracked.

The MSPY Advantage!!

√ Keeping track on mobile phones now becomes
easier with MSPY

√ 100% easy to use and safe

√ Keep a track on your children’s activities on mobile phone with this powerful tracker

√ Know what your employees are up to by tracking their phone; improve productivity and cut down on operational costs and wastage

√ Remain completely undetected while having the best information that you want

√ Provides comprehensive information and INSTANT ACCESS to test messages, call logs, remote microphone activation, emails, GPS tracking, and much more right on your computer, Smartphone, or tablet

√ Can be used to access a wide range of Apple devices, Android phones, Sprint phones, Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Metro PCS, and US Cellular Phones

√ Instant download, fast, and easy to use – No access needed

MSPY Features

Here’s what you can get with MSPY mobile phone tracker –

» Text Messages – Get every text message that is received and sent from the target phone. What more!! You can get the messages even if they have been deleted. Here’s what you can have instant access to:

Telephone number of sent or received text message
Date and time of text messages sent or received
The exact text message that is sent or received

» Call Recordings – Get a crisp, clear and comprehensive voice recording of every conversation that takes place over your children phone. All recordings will be automatically uploaded to your account, where they are stored and can be listened to any time you wish. The account is also accessible via your mobile phone or tablet.

Telephone number of the caller or the number called
Recording of both incoming and outgoing conversations
Length and time of call

» Secret Microphone Application – Dial the your child or your employee phone number from any other mobile phone and activate “Secret microphone,” turning it into a bugging device. You can also change the phone number that you want to track right from the user control panel of your account and monitor up to 5 numbers.

Monitor up to 5 numbers
Get remote access to the phone’s microphone
Change numbers easily from your control panel
Listen to surrounding sound as if you were there

» Call Logs – You can keep track of all the calls made and received from the target phone, with information on:

How long the call was
Date and time of call
The phone number dialed
Phone numbers that called

» Browser History – You can also get a comprehensive list of every web page that was visited from your children phone. An active link to the page is provided and you can visit the same page by clicking or tapping on the link. The browser history links and web pages are stored in secure online control panel. Get comprehensive information about the date and time the webpage was visited, link to the page, and actual web page visited.

» GPS Tracking – With MSPY, you can track the mobile phone from up to 50 feet of its actual location. The location of the phone will be displayed on a real map with street names, town names, and other features that you find on a map. Movement of the phone can also be tracked in real time. MSPY is the ultimate software to track the movement of any mobile phone, real-time.

» Photos and Videos – With MSPY, you can see every photo or video that is taken or recorded on the phone. All photos and videos can be viewed super clear and super crisp on your account.

» Emails – You can also see the exact email that is sent and received from your child or your employee phone, with its actual content, even if it has been deleted. Get complete information on the date and time of every email that is sent or received, email address of the sender or the recipient, and exact content of the email.

For more information and review, you can visit my mSpy review website. If you feel the mSpy is not enough, you can also read my review of Flexispy review which also has similar and more powerful features than mSpy.

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